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Dr Genevieve Marks (GPSI Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Dip Prac Derm (Cardiff), MBBCh (Pret), BSc (UNISA)) specialises in aesthetic medicine and practical dermatology and has done so since 2006.  This branch of medicine focusses on using minimally invasive cosmetic

treatments to enhance both men and womens' satisfaction with their physical appearance.

The motivation may be medical, e.g. removal of potentially or active cancerous skin spots or growths to the removal of lines, spider veins and body sculpting. Common treatments include, but are not limited to, Dermatolgy, Botox and fillers, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, cryo therapy, chemical peels and weight loss. Every patient is interviewed by Dr. Marks before undergoing a medical assessment. With the information in hand a treatment program is created to fit your needs. Should indicators be found that point to more serious conditions these are investigated in more detail.

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Not only is she smart, helpful and resourceful but she is too a kind and beautiful person. I would 1000% recommend her, her staff is very friendly too. She is definitely someone that is hands on (she filed my nail, even though she did not have to) she is passionate and excellent at her job. Try her, you'll see.Kate Radebe29/01/2020
Letlhogonolo Matlou27/12/2019
Best service ever keep it upangela carlos01/11/2019
I was referred by a friend, and I also took my daughter to Dr G Marks. Since then, I've referred other friends too! I have the greatest respect and admiration for Dr Marks. Her team was also most helpful and friendly!Arina Janse van Rensburg25/09/2019
Carla Oosthuizen15/09/2019
Got there for my appointment, waited 10-15 minutes, I was offered coffee/Juice. Went in to see the doctor, we talked about my skin, she prescribed a topical cream and suggested 2 treatments for me, which I opted to do immediately. Madeleine did my treatments and she was just wonderful and helpful/informative. After using the prescribed cream a few times my skin started burning, I sent the practice a message on WhatsApp and I got a phone call 5 minutes later and I was assisted, turns out I just needed to use the cream less frequently. All in all I had a wonderful experience at this practice and my skin is sooooo much better.L M14/09/2019
Best service ever.. highly ratedGoodness Phiri11/09/2019
Mia Prinsloo16/07/2019
Dr Genevieve and her highly professional team provide world class service. The facilities, equipment, advise and treatment is state of the art. Incredible experience.Johan Immelman27/06/2019
Dr. Genevieve Marks and her team are really amazing. From the moment you enter they give such good customer service. Dr. Marks is really caring and attentive and she makes you feel at home at her place of work. I would highly recommend her.cheri van den berg12/06/2019
Tafadzwa Mugoni22/05/2019
Annelie E Smith29/04/2019
Great facility and the treatment was a breeze. The staff is friendly and professional I would recommend you visit Dr genevieve marks for any related acne problems and more.Jacques Labuschagne05/03/2019
Dr Genevieve Mark's is so amazing and caring and honest about what can be done to assist me. Thank you to Madelaine for always giving such good service for my treatments. 5 star service everytimeRoann Vetter20/02/2019
I have been in the wonderful and reliant care of Dr Marks many times, with incredible results. Including the treatment of keloid scars and acne scars. The staff is always a pleasure to interact with and the practice itself is beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr Genevieve Marks and her team to everyone.Erin Walls21/01/2019
Brilliant, really efficient and accurate treatments i really recomend for all people and ages.Dylan Fenthum21/01/2019
I am so happy to say, Dr Marks has helped me with my acne journey. As a 21 year old, I suffered from terrible acne which took away my self confidence. It was worse because everyone kept asking what happened to your face so I didn’t even like leaving my house. I decided to contact her and let her help me. She prescribed medication to me as well as made me do chemical peels etc. She also assured my that in a few months I’ll see results. She was really kind and showed confidence that it will get fixed. I’m happy to say two months down the line my face is looking amazing, and I couldn’t be more happier. There is hope for teenagers and young adults with acne. Thank You Dr Marks.Andrea Vetter13/11/2018
I was treated so wonderfully and with such respect from Dr Marks and her lovely team. All my questions were answered and explained, all my issues were addressed and I left feeling positive with the treatment given to me. There is such professionalism in the offices but yet, still so much joy and concern for their clients. Thank you!Chloe Blandin De Chalain27/09/2018
Dr Marks practise is very professional. Her staff is very friendly. She takes the time to listen to all your concerns and explains to you in a very friendly manner what solutions there may be. She is a very humble Dr. Thank you all.Okay Snow20/09/2018
Dr Marks is a great dermatologist who is only for the girls. She practice made me feel really at ease and I'm receiving great care there. Thanks Doc.Petri Burger07/09/2018
Dr Marks offices can be classified as my happy place. Dr and the team are a pleasure. They are extremely professional and provide a personal feel that keeps you coming back. The products and treatments work wonderfully and are well priced. definitely worth the visit...Bijal Chhana Rathenam29/08/2018
Always leave more than happy here. Dr Marks knows what she is doing and makes an effort with you as a person not just as a client. Since ive been witg Dr.Marks my skin looks amazing. The staff there are also beyond friendly and deliver amazing service.Marizelle Oosthuizen25/07/2018
I’ve been a patient of Dr Marks for a couple of years now. Honestly she’s one of the best specialists I have ever been to and I will most certainly keep coming back! The friendly staff and stylish offices makes this practice an overall winner!Marnus Viljoen11/06/2018
I’ve only ever had wonderful consultations! Dr Marks and her team truly care about their patients. They are always professional, friendly and willing to help. I recommend this practice to all my friends.Lenise Henning29/05/2018
Dr Genevieve Marks and her professional team provide an exceptional, individualised service. From women's health to world-class aesthetic services, I always know I'm in the hands of one of the best in the industry. Thank you and keep up the great work!Janine Atiya26/05/2018
Excellent service! Wouldn't recommend any other place! Best at everything they do :)Forex Academy22/05/2018

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